My Happiness Formula

This article is written by anonymous. Hi Friends, welcome to my blog. If you have something to tell the public but in a private way, then let me know, I’ll write to you.

Pets! I just love them. They are the life of the family. I personally love him a lot. It is too strange and sad when we hear that dogs and cats are killed to fulfill their desires and requirements. Pets are more emotionally connected to humans and are more sensitive than cruel humans.

At the age of 28, I was married to a man who was good looking, smart and was having a good bank balance. On our first anniversary, he gifted me with a cute little golden retriever. We were so happy with him. Each day, we spent almost 2 hours on pampering and petting him. We named him Mango (me and my husband both like mango fruit). Mango was fast and trustworthy. We were given behavioral training in the dog training center. This was done because we wanted him to be the best of all. Being his parents, we assured him that he is not harmed by anyone in the training center. The famous dog training center in Connecticut owned by Neil Cohen is amazing. Animals are treated so well as if they are their own. Each time the dogs do something great they treat them and praise them with reward. One on one behavioral training was useful to my pet.

Coming back to my life. It was 2 years of our marriage and we were planning to expand our family. This was actually a big decision, we need to manage our pockets, time, and other essentials. We tried to conceive for 6 months and took lots of treatment for 3–4 years. But none of them came to be a successful one. We lost all the hopes and I started getting into depression.

In all this, my dog Mango was so helpful in overcoming all this. But at some points, he also failed to do that. My husband was always there for me throughout the situation. he became tensed watching me so depressed. He took me to a neurologist. But nothing worked. My depression persists. One of his relatives suggested he take me to the acupuncturist.

Acupuncture treatment was no more limited to pain management. For many years, it is used for stress management and depression. I was treated for depression for a long period of time. A positive attitude in me rose a hope in my husband’s heart for acupuncture. He then asked me to take acupuncture for infertility. Earlier, I wasn’t ready, but I wanted to give it a try. I guess that was a good decision.

Presently, I am happy with Mango and my 2-year kid Ritzi. I felt like these two decisions are the best decision which I took in my life. My happiness formula was my family Ritzi, my husband, and of course Mango.